[Sidefx-houdini-list] H9 : wire glue constraint pb

Craig Zerouni craig at zerouni.com
Wed Oct 3 11:49:36 EDT 2007

Actually, the problem was that the initial attachment was an attachment. 
You can't have those on this list.

Peter Robbinson wrote:
> This will likely wind up being a double post. The initial attachment was
> too big so I've tar'd it.
> Hi,
> Here's what I came up with. 
> I separated your geometry into two geometry files, then created the
> dynamics from Object level.
> Three things to look for in the dops network.
> The skin is a Static Object and "Use Deforming Geometry" is turned on.
> The wire is an RBD Object.
> In the Wireglueconstraint, I've declared the skin object as the Goal
> Object and then identified the specific point number as the Goal Point
> that I want to constrain to.
> cheers, PeterR
> On Wed, 2007-03-10 at 16:46 +0200, guillaume laforge wrote:
>> Hi,
>> It is my first try with Houdini 9 wires and I can't figure how to constrain
>> some curves roots to a geometry.
>> In H8 I used the goalpoint attribute to identify the points to constrain but
>> in H9 it doesn't work. The help sample files show the use of a "roots" group
>> to
>> identify those points but I can't make it works in this simple setup :
>> http://www.vol2nuit.fr/wire_glue_constraint.hip
>> Thanks for any help !
>> Cheers
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