[Sidefx-houdini-list] Teaching Houdini

François Duchesneau sidefx at trinix.ca
Fri Nov 30 12:01:54 EST 2007

> I concentrate on procedural workflows, attribute usage and CHOPs.
Yes, attribute usage. You bring a good point. This is one reason Houdini 
is better. I will definitely try to emphasize that operators only 
transform the data in some way based on parameters and auxiliary 
inputs/data. When they understand that then they'll be able to get the 
most from Houdini.

> The desire to use Houdini in the way you are used to Maya, Max, Xsi is
> strong and maybe helps you to "get the job done". But on the long run
> many benefits will left behind or even forgotten.
I was actually going to tell them not to use the new shelf to mimic the 
way they use other softwares, especially at the beginning. I find those 
shelves a paradox because they are intended to make Houdini easier to 
learn but in fact it prevents students from really understanding what's 
going on inside and they can find themselves not able to debug their own 
hip file if something goes wrong. This said, I find the shelf a great 
place to call custom repetitive tasks for production.

Thanks everybody for comments.


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