[Sidefx-houdini-list] Teaching Houdini

Georg Duemlein info at preset.de
Fri Nov 30 03:26:37 EST 2007

François Duchesneau wrote:

> I'm still not sure I want to make a career as a teacher because I like 
> doing FX but I wanted to know if you've notice a lack of teacher. My 
> feeling is, Houdini is getting more and more used and studios will want 
> to quickly be able to use it. Or do every studio has its own teacher 
> internally?
> Any comment about it?

I started to offer lectures for Houdini this fall.
I currently do not offer off-the-shelf and/or online courses - as this
field is pretty good covered - in a Houdini scale ;)
It's more like a "personal conversion plan" for digital artists.
I target the German market, which is kinda shy to adopt Houdini - or
thinks its better to have a big mystery about using it.

I concentrate on procedural workflows, attribute usage and CHOPs.
I noticed - mainly self-awareness and post of other users - that this
fields are the core of "transition problems".
The desire to use Houdini in the way you are used to Maya, Max, Xsi is
strong and maybe helps you to "get the job done". But on the long run
many benefits will left behind or even forgotten.



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