[Sidefx-houdini-list] Running houdini on the go with the Eee PC!

jose fernandez jose.fernandez at framestore-cfc.com
Thu Nov 29 06:33:54 EST 2007

First of all, enable the Full Desktop mode, it's pretty simple if you 
follow this instructions:
Then, download the latest production build for 32-bit Debian, and 
install it.
For some reason, I had to reinstall sesinetd, and installed the 
apprentice license after that.
I also set this environment variables, by using the /export/ command in 
a shell:
Just source houdini, and run it.
And finally, change the UI size to tiny or small or whatever, you won't 
be able to reach the apply button unfortunately, but just close the 
window and restart houdini.
I got some graphical glitches as well, but this were fixed when I 
restarted the system (startup the first time was really slow, but when I 
restarted it was very fast). Everything seems to work fine, it's just a 
matter of customizing the UI and desktop environment to maximize 
available space. The performance is much better than I expected!
Please share any additional tips!

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