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On Nov 27, 2007 10:32 AM, Marc-Andre Carbonneau <
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> Thanks Andy and Peter for your replies...
> I'm surprised only two people replied, I thought Houdini would be used
> often to create long hair due to it's dynamic simulation reputation.
> I'm suspicious studios actually develop their own dynamic tools when it
> comes to hair. I read they wrote one for Beowulf.

Hey Marc,
Yeah for feature work, ie lots of shots and quality Id say make a custom
tool or at least one that works with an existing package like Houdini.
Getting long hair to function *consistently* from shot to shot is not yet
there with any off shelf system, requiring artists to make many adjustments
to the 'available' parameters  to attempt to match the production approved
look. And getting what the sup or director wants specifically for a shot is
often impossible with dynamics alone, requiring some hand animation keys to
mix to or goaling to guide the sim, and existing off-the-shelf tools don't
*really* offer interactive goaling nor offer good interactivity in a
sim-hand key mix.
A custom tool allows for modifications as needed for shots, and the addition
of easily mixing in hand animation and goals.
Of course Syflex, XSI, Houdini and Maya have tools for certain character
looks that can be used to great effect and baked in, but for the long haul
of a feature I highly recommend going Custom Hair Tool with a mix of off
shelf solutions like Houdinis dynamics.

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