[Sidefx-houdini-list] Keeping your hairstyle while still beingaffected by forces

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If it was me, I would use a clamp function in an expression.  I couldn't
exactly tell you where that expression would need to go without looking at
the node network.  I am including the snippet about from the version 7 help
files.  (My old print out is really getting dog eared these days)  Of
course, there may be a better answer in the new scripting with 9, but for
now here it is the old fashioned expression language example:


pos y = clamp ( (sin($TX * 1080) *0.3), -0.1, 0.28)

clamp ensures a value stays in a certain range. For example, clamp($TX,
minvalue, maxvalue) clamps the x position to be between minvalue and

You could even get fancy with it and combine clamp with a smooth function
to soften the the clamping of the motion.  There may be a better solution
out there, as dynamics is not my main thing.  However, maybe this will help
spark an idea for a solution.


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Subject: [Sidefx-houdini-list] Keeping your hairstyle while still
beingaffected by forces



Say I combed my hair in a style my art director likes.


Now I want to apply dynamics but I want my hair to be stiff...as if I
applied spray.

I want my hair style to keep its shape the best it can while still being
affected by forces like gravity and wind.

How do I achieve that? Which node do I need?



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