[Sidefx-houdini-list] Simulating long hair with Houdini

François Duchesneau sidefx at trinix.ca
Tue Nov 27 13:41:46 EST 2007

I think more people have used it for fur but not as much for hair.


Marc-Andre Carbonneau wrote:
> Thanks Andy and Peter for your replies...
> I'm surprised only two people replied, I thought Houdini would be used often to create long hair due to it's dynamic simulation reputation.
> I'm suspicious studios actually develop their own dynamic tools when it comes to hair. I read they wrote one for Beowulf.
> I'll keep fiddling around in Houdini, see if I can lower the solving time.
> Cheers,
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> Hi
> I'm finding the same thing on long or short hair. I am using the DOPs 
> wire solver to simulate the dynamics on the hair on my object and I'm 
> finding it very slow.
> To compare speeds I did a test...houdini vs. maya
> I created the same setup in maya and houdini - a torus with 900 curves 
> each with 4 points. There was no collisions on either set up. To play 
> through 50 frames in maya took 24 seconds, in houdini it took 90 
> seconds!!! that more than 3 times slower.
> I've attached both scenes for you to look at. I've emailed support these 
> scenes, hopefully they'll recommend a faster setup or just make the 
> solver faster:)
> Even thought houdini is slower the plus side of being procedural makes 
> it worth the longer simulation for what I'm doing. Pity it can't be 
> better and faster!
> Andy
> Marc-Andre Carbonneau wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> First email here! I just started learning Houdini.
>> I'm evaluating the possibilities of using Houdini in production but I'm finding it to be very slow even with few hair guides and as little segments as I can afford.
>> Does anyone use Houdini to simulate long hair for feature films or such high-quality product?
>> Any advice, tricks or recommendations?
>> Thank you
>> Marc-André Carbonneau
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