[Sidefx-houdini-list] tool selection questions

Georg Duemlein info at preset.de
Tue Nov 27 13:17:24 EST 2007


I have questions regarding tools:

a: the help says there is a "Objects object tool" 

I cannot find this tool. What gets as near as I can think of is
selecting multiple objects and switching the handle option to "One for
each handle".

b: is "secure selection" good or bad?
I must admit I never did anything in the viewport. After a discussion of
selection techniques on IRC I decided to finally try it.

If "secure selection" is off - everything that happens can be explained.

If "secure selection" is on - I haven't bee able to explain the
following behaviour:

- I select geometry and then a tool like Move (t)
- After "reselecting for current tool ` one of the following things
 -> If evoked by keyboard (`) the current tool is switched to "Handle" -
which is ok, but (`) now tries to parent my geometry instead of select.
 -> If evoked by the menu the current tool is completely discarded and
the status line ask for "select geometry, then choose operation".

Aren't move/translate/scale no tools? 
Maybe this is the answer, as tools like "polyextrude" behave



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