[Sidefx-houdini-list] X-Mas

Edmond Earl Smith ees041000 at utdallas.edu
Tue Nov 27 12:35:50 EST 2007

Hey Aliza,

I was able to get a flight out of LAX on Sat. Dec. 22nd but not on 
Friday night (they're all booked).  If it's not a problem then I might 
be able to get a flight out on Thursday night REAL late, like 1 or 2 in 
the morning.  However I wouldn't be able to come to work on that Fri.  
If it is even remotely an issue then that's perfectly fine and I will 
keep my Sat. departure and keep calling to see if something frees up on 
Fri night, but if it is no problem that I be there on Fri. then I will 
try and get a late flight on Thurs.  Please, if it is any inconvenience 
then I will have no problem keeping my Sat. departure.


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