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Mon Nov 26 13:17:56 EST 2007

It's a tough situation for SESI I guess. On one hand they must make
every prman parm in existence accessible for large studios (like
LAIKA), yet at the same time there needs to be some good simple
defaults so that it works well out of the box. I'd agree that we don't
necessarily have the latter at the moment.

Perhaps there needs to be a H8_Camera emulator otl on the exchange -
or a set of camera gallery files that set up some some common
settings? Galleries are so awesome for organizing the new


On 26/11/2007, Dragos Stefan <ds_list at dsg.ro> wrote:
> OMG! Is this the new, user-friendly way to translate the old and clear
> "Transform Blur" and "Deform blur"?
> By having to remember the number of time samples?
> I guess it's called "progress".
> Dragos
> John Coldrick wrote:
> >
> >       Make sure you grab Allow Motion Blur(an on/off switch, and probably the thing
> > you're missing), Xform Time Sample(set to 2 for a full frame blur) and Geo
> > Time Samples(deform blur).
> >
> >       Xform 2 and Geo 0 is the equivalent of XForm blur in H8.  Both set to 2 is
> > the equivalent of Deform blur.
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