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Mon Nov 26 11:54:09 EST 2007

Hi Phil,

I just wrestled with this last week so I can help. I was going to
actually make a post about it because everything has moved, and
there's a bunch of parms we never saw in H8. It's bound to trip people
up. Here's the low down:

1./ Have "Allow Motion Blur" turned on in your camera.
2./ Have "Allow Motion Blur" turned on in each object you want
rendered. (ROP settings don't matter once these are set.)
3./ Have "Sample Motion" turned on in your camera.
4./ Set "Pixel samples" in your camera to something like 4 or 5 to get
better sampling.
5./ Set shutter etc setting as desired.

That's to get it working. I added and then removed some parms from a
camera last week and it took me a while to work out that motion blur
was broken because sample motion had been toggled to 'off' somewhere
internally. We really need to know our prrman docs these days...


On 26/11/2007, Phil Spicer <PSpicer at bournemouth.ac.uk> wrote:
> Hi,
> Can anyone give me a quick overview of setting motion blur in Houdini 9?
> Is it still possible to activate it on a per object basis? I tried
> porting all of the mblur parameters I could find in Edit Interface
> window over to an object; however none seemed to activate the blur.
> I found the blur settings in the Mantra ROP; again I am presuming this
> will activate motion blur for an entire scene.
> Any pointers would be great...
> Kind regards,
> Phil.
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