[Sidefx-houdini-list] rotating noise

Louis Dunlevy ld at dneg.com
Sun Nov 25 10:39:23 EST 2007

If you're displacing then try rotating the normal instead. So if your 
current expression is something like:
$TY + noise(blah)

$TX+$NX2*noise(blah)   $TY+$NY2*noise(blah)   $TZ+$NZ2*noise(blah)

you can rotate your geometry and stick it into the second input of the 
point sop which picks it up via $NX2 etc..
or do it in vops.. ;-)

Adrian Lee wrote:
> Hello boys and girls,
> I have a noise expression in the $TX slot in a point node that nicley
> displaces some geometry in the YZ plane. How can I then rotate the noise in
> X so the same noise is now applied at a slight angle? Thanks
> Ed
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