[Sidefx-houdini-list] delayed loads and takes question - please help

Phil Spicer PSpicer at bournemouth.ac.uk
Wed Nov 21 06:24:07 EST 2007


The scene I have set up is as follows:

Two Takes (Diffuse and Light)
A grid object
A SHOP Network inside the grid object with a constant material and a
clay material piped into a Switch SHOP.
A material sop assigned to the grid SOP, pointing to the switch SHOP.
The Switch SHOP choose input parameter is set to the Takes mechanism
(Diffuse > Constant; Light > Clay). A Mantra ROP with 'Declare All
Materials' activated.

I can bake out the grid as a .bgeo (using grid.$ACTIVETAKE.bgeo) for
each take, and read them back in using a File SOP. When I render the
geometry appears constant for the Diffuse take, and clay for the Light

When I attempt a delayed load using the same bgeo files, the Materials
are igonored.

Any help or suggestions you can give me will be most welcome.

Kind regards,


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