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Sat Nov 17 21:19:12 EST 2007

   I'll check the ram.  If it's all groovy, I'll send the files to support.
I just didn't think I qualified for that service with the HD license.  If
something odd does come up with the ram, is there a way to cause the
renderer to bypass the bad sectors without replacing the ram?  I appreciate
the advice.


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Hi Grav,

Random crashing bugs are usually caused by one of two things:
multithreading bugs and bad memory. I suggest you package up your scene
and send it in to support at sidefx.com, telling them about the (potential?)
bug, and at the same time check your memory using memtest86. You can
download a free test CD image from memtest86.com.

Hope this helps!


> Hey guys,
>     I just got HD for the home box.  It is so nice to not have to spend
> all
> day at school using the licenses there on older out of date machines.
> I'll
> have to be careful about what I open where so as not to accidentally
> convert hip to hipnc, but that is a small price to pay for being able to
> work in the confines of your own space with a couple of cold ones and the
> music of your choice on the stereo.  Here is where I am running into a
> snag.  Mantra seems to be unstable.  I get a windows warning saying Mantra
> has shut down.  If I freshly have open up the file, I might get 3-4 frames
> before this happens.  After that, I am lucky if I get one.  Aside from
> being a lot beastier, the only differences between my box and those at
> school, is that they are running a full license and Windows XP and I am
> running HD on Vista.  Any suggestions?  I will be passing this on to tech
> support too, but as it is the weekend, I thought y'all might come up with
> something quicker.
> Grav
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