[Sidefx-houdini-list] "Parameter" VOP : "Use Input Value If Parameter Not Bound"

Oodini svdbg at free.fr
Sat Nov 17 08:40:42 EST 2007


guillaume laforge a écrit :

> If your operator get a geometry attribute with the same name than one of its
> parameters, this parameter is 'bound' or 'overriden' by the geometry
> attribute value.
> In a vop sop, "use input val if param not bound" just give you an input in
> the parameter in order to replace its slider(s) or color value by the input
> one. Nothing more.

Actually, I have an alpha parameter set in my SOP network.

If I don't check this parameter, I have a slider for alpha in the VEX 
SHOP parameters. If I leave it at 1, the alpha value I get is the one 
set in the SOP. But if I set this slider at 0, the rendering is 
transparent. So it is evalueated even if the alpha is bound. It is 
multiplied with the SOP alpha.

If I check "Use Input Value If	Parameter Not Bound", the alpha control 
doesn't appear anymore in the VEX SHOP parameters. But its value (set in 
the Parameter VEX Node as default value) is still evaluated and 
multiplied by the SOP alpha value.

The only effect of this checkbox sems to be make appear the control 
among the VEX SHOP parameters.

Same effect with the "Invisible" checkbox...

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