[Sidefx-houdini-list] Bundles Bug

Sean Lewkiw seanl at rainmaker.com
Mon Nov 12 12:32:40 EST 2007

That's kind of what I want to avoid:  making a list and re-adding the 
objects to the bundles.  I have a lot of bundles with foo and 
foo/someSOP in them, (didn't mention that!  Each bundle has a different 
SOP from foo in it).  I don't want Houdini to be clever and help me out 


Michael Goldfarb wrote:
> make a list of the bundles 'foo' is a part of
> lay down new object
> add new object to 'foo' bundle list
> delete 'foo'
> remane new object to 'foo'
> ?
> Sean Lewkiw wrote:
>> How can I delete the object "foo"in my scene, which is a member of about 
>> one million bundles, put down a new object, and rename it foo, and have 
>> it remain a member of all the bundles?
>> If I delete the object, the bundle list removes any reference to "foo" 
>> from each bundle.
>> If I lay down the new object, name the old one foo_OLD, name my new 
>> object "foo", the bundle lister has changed all my references to "foo_OLD".
>> If I do an opchange, it doesn't find "foo_OLD" even with the -i and/or 
>> -w flag. 
>> Doesn't work for "bar" either. 
>> GRR.
>> Sean

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