[Sidefx-houdini-list] more training videos

Ryan Weston kr_weston at yahoo.com.au
Sat Nov 10 16:56:20 EST 2007

Ditto! Thanks o everyone who contributed to these vids - the tutorials section is filling out with a really nice overview of Houdini workflows for common 3D tasks.  Keep 'em coming!


George JImenez <jjimenez11 at nyc.rr.com> wrote: Thanks alot Peter these are great....


Peter Robbinson wrote:

>There are two new sets of training videos on the Sidefx website.
>There are two videos covering some very basic lighting and rendering 
>tasks, then 5 videos
>that spend a good deal of time showing how to create and manage uv 
>texture coordinates using
>the uvpelt tool. Along the way we use it as an excuse to show how to 
>generate a new material.
>Look in the Learning/Tutorials section of the main website.
>Thanks to Keith for getting them ready.

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