[Sidefx-houdini-list] Node Organization tools and tips

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Sat Nov 10 10:43:26 EST 2007

Hi guys,
    I have an odd question for you.  Is there a way to assign a grid or
image to the background of a network pane.  That might sound like an odd
thing to want, but having a scalable grid would make my life a lot easier
right now.  I have (almost done now) created a figure composed entirely of
particle flows.  I have over 200 force nodes in my legs subnet alone that I
have to sometimes tweak in a mirrored fashion, (but not always, so
referencing the channel is out.)  Having a scalable grid that I could
toggle off and on would be very helpful for organizing the 500 or so groups
of nodes in this subnet.  Any ideas on how to do this would be appreciated.
Also, I don't suppose there is a way of selecting a node via a selection
set in the view pane now a days.  There did not used to be, but a ton has
changed over the last two versions and I might have missed that one.  Never
really needed it before this project.  That's about it.  Oh, one last
thing, I am aware of the auto align node and, like many automated tools for
3d packages, I have had less than stellar luck with it with complex groups
of nodes like I am currently working on.  Thanks for the suggestions in


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