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Georg Duemlein info at preset.de
Wed Nov 7 06:29:39 EST 2007

I made the switch.


After spending the last months coding in MAX to get near the workflow I 
felt so comfortable with.
After realizing in my university teaching position that MAYA is not 
exactly brilliant neither.

The keys to my escape arrived yesterday and now I am organizing my new 
I'd like to position myself as a *effect boutique* delivering high-end 
visual effects.

Those who know my work from my postings, website and reel know that you 
might not expect too much *dust - smoke - liquids*.
Also the future I am going to spend my time with cubes, growth and color 
- exploring the twilight of science and arts.

If you know of a open university teaching position with strong bias 
towards "research of proceduralism in arts and design" - I'd highly 
appreciate to get noticed.

effect boutique - boy I love this term - need to get a huge neon sign ...


Dipl.-Des. Georg Dümlein

  Am Stadtgraben 45
  48143 Münster (Westf.)

  Ruf: +49 251 484 492 47
  GSM: +49 179 52 68 405

  Visuelle Effekte

  School for applied Proceduralism

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