[Sidefx-houdini-list] pixel aspect problem in mplay & shake

Phil Spicer PSpicer at bournemouth.ac.uk
Tue Nov 6 09:16:15 EST 2007


I am using H9 to render out PAL 16:9 anamorphic images and there seems
to be a draw error in both MPlay and Shake, but not COPs.

I have attached two jpg images to help explain what I mean. When a 16:9
rendered image is loaded into MPlay its drawing has pixilation
artefacts, which are carried over to the Alpha as well.

When the same 16:9 image is loaded into COPs it appears as it should.

We have yet to test how it draws in NUKE; however I thought it worth
mentioning in case anyone else has come across this and have found a
workaround. The draw error occurs both on XP and Linux, and with both
Shake and MPlay.

Any thoughts about this would be warmly welcomed.

Kind regards,


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