[Sidefx-houdini-list] Animating Boolean Triggers

Rangi Sutton rangi at kanuka.com.au
Thu May 31 07:39:54 EDT 2007

Georg Duemlein, Dipl.-Des. wrote:
> Sorry for not being clear.
> I want to animate the start/stop of an engine.
> If the engine is on the value 1 if it is off the value is 0.
> As this should support long animation ranges the real time idea is not 
> that applicable.
> Trigger might be the wrong term: I think it is a switch.
> > Or do you mean that everytime someone hits the trigger button,
> > it sets a value to 1 if it was zero and zero if it was one, and adds a
> > key at that frame?
> I guess this is what I mean.
> I recently discovered this in 3dsmax:
> a boolean controller - it just can store booleans values (1 and 0) and 
> if linked to an checkbox the animator can control this controller.
> It produces keyframes with constant interpolations.
> I am looking for the houdini pendant for this.
Toggles.. the little checkbox's you can create as part of your dialogs.. 
are for no reason I can figure out more difficult than they should be to 
treat as normal channels. I hope that's going to change.

A quick way out of this might be to make add an integer parameter for 
your asset, set the Range to 0 and 1, and click the little lock icons on 
either side of the range. That channel will be keyframe-able and will 
only evaluate as either 0 or 1.

Still not really giving you what you want but on a related note, when in 
the animation editor setting the function to constant() holds the key 
value with no interpolation until the next key. That function can 
defined differently between each key pair.

Hope this helps,

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