[Sidefx-houdini-list] Animating Boolean Triggers

Sean Lewkiw seanl at rainmaker.com
Thu May 31 06:43:22 EDT 2007

Not quite sure what you mean.  Is this a real-time type of thing where 
the artist plays the file and hits a "trigger"?  If so, you can use the 
record CHOP. 

Or are you talking about animating the on/off status of a toggle 
widget?  Or do you mean that everytime someone hits the trigger button, 
it sets a value to 1 if it was zero and zero if it was one, and adds a 
key at that frame?  If so, I think your callback idea is best, (setting 
a key on a spare channel for instance).


Georg Duemlein, Dipl.-Des. wrote:
> Hi,
> how would one animate 'boolean triggers' in Houdini?
> I have a OTL that should offer an Trigger (on/off).
> This results in an animation curve of 1 if the trigger is on and 0 if 
> the trigger is off with contant interpolation.
> I looks like the 'trigger' interface is not animatable.
> I thought of having a callback script that generates keyframes and 
> sets the interpolation to constant().
> This is sure a funny and educative trip, but maybe I am missing 
> something obvious.
> Kind regards,
> Georg

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