[Sidefx-houdini-list] Sharing animation with Max

Rangi Sutton rangi at kanuka.com.au
Thu May 31 06:00:30 EDT 2007

brian goodwin wrote:
> Hey
> I'm actually finishing up a program that does exactly that.
> Taking houdini animation (deformable geometry) into max or XSI, either 
> via
> the clip file format or via animated objs - that caches then deforms the
> mesh- (really fast).
> Ive got a working version for clips and the obj version should be done 
> end
> of today or tomorrow - just to iron out bugs, so if u interested in 
> trying
> it out before i post it online, please let me know.
Oh yes please. Consider me keen. Sounds exactly the sort of thing I had 
in mind.

So clip format.. you mean pull it into chops as animated geo, then save 
out a clip? I was thinking chops might be a useful bit of glue for this 


> On 5/31/07, Rangi Sutton <rangi.sutton at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hey folks,
>> I'm just starting to look into a Houdini / Max pipeline. At first glance
>> collada looks like a nice starting point, hopefully capable for throwing
>> cameras, lights and set pieces around. But deforming geometry....
>> In the past I have usually just gone Maya->Houdini by using a mel script
>> to dump out a .obj per frame followed by a file sop in Houdini. Easy.
>> Houdini->Maya harder, but basically a mel script to import every file
>> and sequence blend them if they topology is constant. Not hard.
>> But for Max I'm pretty ignorant to it's whole world. My attention is
>> drawn to it's point cache support, which they propose as a maya<>max
>> format. Anyone tried to use this as a houdini<>max format?
>> I'm aiming at baked out deforming geometry going between packages more
>> than transferring animation channels as such.
>> Anyone trod this path already?
>> Beers,
>> Rangi.
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