[Sidefx-houdini-list] vertex uvs to PRman

Louis Dunlevy ld at dneg.com
Fri May 25 05:15:39 EDT 2007

Please ignore... I managed to track down my problem to a typical 
Maya<-->Houdini<-->Maya problem so it wasn't actually anything Houdini 
was doing wrong.

I really wish this was a pure Houdini show! So much easier... 8-)

Louis Dunlevy wrote:
> I'm sure I'm gonna kick myself over this one...
> I've got that old problem where Houdini is interpolating the vertex 
> uvs it passes to PRman. It's as if it's converting them to point uvs 
> or something. It's particularly noticable at the uv bounderies.
> I've tried setting "interpolateboundary" and 
> "facevaryinginterpolateboundary" but non banana.
> Can anyone remember the trick for this? It eludes me...
> Cheers
> Louis
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