[Sidefx-houdini-list] Ye ole geforce 8800 gtx

Kurt Williams kurt at rhythm.com
Tue May 22 13:54:58 EDT 2007

Sidestepping the quadro vs geforce debate for the moment.

Is there anyone here running an nvidia geforce 8800 gtx with Houdini 8.2 
in an windows environment? Or heck any other environemnt. I'm starting 
to crack the iceberg in testing, and I know that with this relatively 
new card and gpu architecture, there will be some driver issues. Maya 
users have been complaining about the 8800 gtx for redraw so I suspect 
the problems I'm having are purely driver related. I suspected 64bit 
windows may be causing the problem but I'm hearing these redraw issues 
with win32 as well.

I'm currently running forceware 158.22 on Windows XP Pro x64 driving 
twin 1920x1280 displays.

With this driver set, the redraw gets corrupted really easy when I have 
nView enabled [two independant displays]. After awhile, channel boxes 
will fill with garbage characters. Within a few minutes I'll get a BSOD.

If I turn off nView and have the drivers treat the two displays as one  
large 3840x1280 desktop, houdini is very stable, and fast. There are GUI 
Clipping and some minor redraw issues but nothing show stopping.

I'll have to do more testing including:

- turning off the opengl/hardware accelleration via the environment 
variable to confirm its a driver issue.
- running older drivers and beta drivers
- running rivatuner to softmod the 8800 into a quadro 4600
- installing ubuntu and see how the situation is on the linux side.

Worse case I can return the 8800 gtx and get a quadro fx 1500 or 45/4600 
or just sit with the card and wait for driver improvements.

If anyone has gotten things working nicely, what version of driver are 
you using?

Kurt Williams (x7581)
Rhythm & Hues Studios

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