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Sean Lewkiw seanl at rainmaker.com
Fri May 18 04:24:38 EDT 2007

Regarding the lawyer thing.... I once had to "write" a letter of 
recommendation for someone who was going to work for one of the studios 
in the US.  It came pre-written by a very deranged American lawyer, who 
would never let a barely-plausible superlative do when a blatantly 
outrageous whopping lie was available.  Every adjective in the book was 
employed, and anyone reading the letter would have thought I was a 
sub-literate nutter absolutely foaming at the mouth and in love with the 
person I was recommending, and at the same time totally unfamiliar with 
the concept of punctuation, (there were whole sentences that went on for 
what seemed like three pages). 

I had to re-write it so it didn't seem like:  a) I was totally insane, 
and b) this person was about to revolutionize the entertainment industry 
with unheard of ground-breaking techniques (morphic rendering or 
something like that).


Ammon Riley wrote:
> On 5/18/07, Ammon Riley <ammon.riley at gmail.com> wrote:
>> If you're asking in the general sense, then that's where
>> the creativity of the person writing the visa letter come
>> in, but it's generally not a problem.
> Although, having now read Graham's email, perhaps I've
> only talked to folks who've had a good lawyer writing
> the letter. :-D
> My dad had trouble getting a TN-1 visa -- not because
> of his degree (which was in the field he was being
> hired to work in), but because of the fees -- the
> immigration people don't take credit card (cash only),
> and have no ATM machines in their station. They
> wouldn't let him leave the office to go to the ATM
> machine in the liquor store across the parking lot,
> because they didn't want him to "run off," or something
> silly like that, and, since they were in the process of
> evaluating the visa, if he'd have left to go back to
> Canada, and use an ATM there, they'd have rejected it.
> Fortunately, my mom was with him at the time, and,
> since she's a US citizen, she was free to go off to
> the ATM. She was on crutches at the time, due to
> a sprained ankle. They wouldn't let her drive, because
> the vehicle was registered in Canada. It was raining.
> INS people can sometimes be the biggest pricks
> you've ever met.
> Cheers,
> Ammon
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