[Sidefx-houdini-list] Canadians working in the US (was: R&D OPENINGS AT LAIKA)

Graham D Clark mailgrahamdclark at gmail.com
Thu May 17 20:20:18 EDT 2007

Yeah Peters dead on.
A TN1 is much easier to get than a green card, but requies a bachelors
(they say or 5 years work equiv but frankly Ive only heard it being
refused with just that).
A Green card is tough to get, but if youre a person of Extrondinary
Ability (noteriety in your field) and people on this list are then you
can apply for an O-1, then the Green Card goes easier. Since a TN1 is
suposed to be only a temporary visa you risk loosing at crossing it
while applying for a Green Card.
Some companies sponsor the visa completely, others reimburse, while
others just sign the letter and finding a lawyer and paying the fees
are up to the applicant.
I was in US on and off for 17 years on TN1s easily renewing except
once with a bad laywer and have signed letters for lots of O-1s
recommending them for people needed here, some came quickly and others
took almost a year.
Good luck.
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On 5/17/07, Peter Bowmar <pbowmar at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey Darran,
>    I don't have  a lot of time to get into this but:
> On 17/05/07, Darran Edmundson <darran at edmstudio.com> wrote:
> >  Given these two facts, can I assume that there are a fair
> > number of Canadian Houdini users in LA?
> Yes
> > If so (and I'm guessing a number of you are on this list), forgive my
> > ignorance but (i) how difficult is it for Canadians to get US work
> > (temporary or permanent) visas in the Houdini/Effects industry?
> Not difficult if: You have at least a Bachelor's degree and you have a
> few years work experience. A NAFTA Visa is quite easy, since it
> doesn't even (theoretically) require lawyers. However, the more
> lawyers involved the more chance of getting in without hassle.
>  (ii) Is
> > the demand such that US shops actively court Canadian talent and play a
> > role in sorting out visa issues?
> In some cases, yes. Typically more senior people.
> > Popular (Hollywood-produced) culture has it that getting a "Green Card"
> > (work visa?) is the aspiration of non-Americans everywhere.  From this
> > I've always inferred that it is a difficult and painful process.  This
> > would seemingly conflict with the project-based nature of film work.
> A green card is a separate issue, that's a permanent residence and
> lets you switch jobs without having to leave the country or ask
> someone's permission ;) It is a long and expensive process, but not
> necessarily difficult, especially for Canadians.
>  My wife and I are amongst the (minority) of freaks that had the
> opportunity to get a green card, and chose to leave the US instead...
> However, since my daughter was born in LA and is American, returning
> will likely not be too hard if we so choose.
> Cheers,
> peter B
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