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jtalbain at singnet.com.sg jtalbain at singnet.com.sg
Mon May 14 03:15:31 EDT 2007

Hey Jason,
Sorry to report I'm not getting any success at the Sops level, I did some quick tests with Pops, yes it works there with the Preserve Group function (but of course it doesn't help you...)

The closest I could get to what you wanted was to set the Cd attribute on the particle SOP's source (with a group, bounding object and attribcreate), that was the only way I could get something to stick to the particles. 

I'm not sure if Houdini Master and Touch can share files, but perhaps you could do the simulation in POPs, write out a geo sequence, or perhaps a CHOPs clip? And then import that into Touch?

Hope you figure it out soon! Would love to hear how you worked it out.


--- jason lam <j.lam81 at gmail.com> wrote:

> much appreciate your interest and help
> its quite simple, its just particle sop feeding into a copy sop
> which
> copies a plain old grid.  it copy stamps a W coordinate per grid.
> then that all goes into sort sop which orders particles based on
> proximity to an animated point
> then i've got another point sop which i'm using to change the W
> coordinate for all point numbers within an arbitary value (75
> currently) which means that the 75 closest particles to the
> animated
> point changes texture.
> This is all great, however i want it so that once it changes
> texture,
> it doesn't change back.
> the prob is with the if expression i'm using
> if($PT<75, 3, $VARW)
> that once the point moves away, the texture changes back
> i can't work out how to either set a flag so that once it changes
> it
> can't go back.
> Jais

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