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Gene Dreitser keyframe at rogers.com
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As Rangi pointed out, wren is a great place to start... assuming you have access to a printer that speaks postscript.

That said,

I found over the years, that most desktop printers moved away from postscript -- in fact most so-called photo printers don't even speak it natively.

I would render a giant image, in mantra (think 4K and above), size it as needed in photoshop, and print from there.  Don't neglect the paper selection either.
I find most inkjets respond better to glossy, high-end stock.  I personally love the Ilford (a relic from the old school photography days).

This is also border lining on voodoo, but i've always had better success at printing from photoshop rather then illustrator (and by voodoo, I mean ignorance on my part) :)

good luck,


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Terry Buchanan wrote:
> Hi all!
> I have an interview scheduled next week and the
> recuiter suggested that in addition to my reel, I
> include a few hard copies of my work. 
> I would like to include a few of my Houdini creations.
> What would be the best way to print out some of the
> models I created. They are still in the hip file
> format.
> I am running Win XP on an HP Pavillion, and an HP
> All-In-One printer.
You might like to wren render them.. that allows you to render them as
nice looking wire renders and it outputs to postscript (.ps) so it will
print at the resolution your printer handles... should look lovely if
you can figure out the process.

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