[Sidefx-houdini-list] chop drive chanels with one

b.fx at free.fr b.fx at free.fr
Fri Jun 29 09:32:01 EDT 2007


I was certain to have seen something like that...

What i am really after is:

I have a stepped channel containing the Frame number each time a trigger is
realeased, i don't know the duration in between each trigger.
I'de like to create one channel per step, that is the easy part. I'de like the
value of each channel to be the frame triggered value.


Selon b.fx at free.fr:

> Hello,
> I'm after the CHOP that allow me to drive the start time of a bunch of
> channels
> based on single channel !
>    /-------
>   /-------
>  /-------
> /-------
> (slash are one channel that drive all the channels lines)
> It exist, no ?
> thanks
> francois
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