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Well, I remember the go-go as well from 2003 in San Diego... THank you Sarah 
for introducing them... to SESI parties... well knowing the reason why, I 
understand you...
San Diego... was pretty wild too.. especially the trip to Tijuana, well at 
least to the border....
At least the Cab driver was happy of his evening.

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On 6/26/07, Michael Goldfarb <goldfarb at corefa.com> wrote:
>SIGGRAPH 2004 I think...good times...

Yep. "get.hip" -- they had dog-tags that got you in the door of the party.
I don't recall the name of the club it was held at, but I do remember
that there was a balcony overlooking the dance floor, and that
when the gogo dancers left, the line of guys at the balcony railing
also disappeared.

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