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 Head of Effects, Production (Entertainment)Description

The Head of Effects is the guiding voice and tie-breaking vote for all
Effects animation processes and performance in the LAIKA Studio. This person
aligns the creative and production management efforts to recruit, form,
grow, and lead the Effects Department in the LAIKA Studio. This person has a
comprehensive understanding of, and extensive experience in Stop Motion
and/or CG animated effects in production.

This role works with creative and technical leadership of all the various
shows to develop the studio's different effects styles and approaches to
effects animation. Use of organic and natural phenomena shapes and behaviors
through particle systems and controllable simulations is essential.

The Head of Effects works in concert with the Head of production, other
Department Heads, and creative and production management to conceptualize,
identify, estimate, schedule, monitor, and oversee the studio's effects
animation for Production as well as New Project Development. This Person
ensures that all effects animation on all projects is of the highest quality
possible, while remaining within budget and on schedule.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities

   - Participate actively in the recruiting, hiring, training, casting,
   performance, and evaluation processes for the Effects Animation Department.
   - Help create and implement inter- and intra-departmental process
   improvements starting with a clear definition of Receivables and
   Deliverables moving in and out of the Effects Department.
   - Provide leadership for the Effects animation team, including
   education, facilitating continued development through seminars and lectures,
   management of reference library, and mentoring for effects animators.
   - Communicate priorities, issues, and pertinent information
   effectively up, down, and across the Effects Department.
   - Provide information to the Head of Production and other Department
   Heads on developments, concerns, and potential problems within the
   - Work to unify, inspire, and motivate the Effects animation team;
   actively pursue team-building opportunities and foster communication within
   the department across all shows and all projects.
   - Monitor equipment and staffing needs, identify problem areas, and
   recommend improvements, utilizing I.T. and TD help from Technology as
   well as HR from Corporate LAIKA.
   - Identify and resolve personnel issues; manage and proactively
   resolve Effects animator relations issues as they arise, partnering with
   Production Management and Human Resources; administer performance reviews
   and daily-weekly-monthly personnel feedback for the Animation Department.
   - Foster individual career development and overall group direction.
   - Assist in the design and implementation of the effects animation
   production pipeline, utilizing Software Development, I.T., and TD help
   from Technology.
   - Work early with the Modeling and Rigging Departments to ensure their
   products are suitable for effects animators' needs for control,
   functionality, usability, and performance.
   - Work with R&D leadership for the continued development of all
   effects animation tools.
   - Assist in bids, breakdowns, and defining production quotas and
   schedules by working with Effects Leads and the Production Management on
   each various project in the Laika Studio.
   - Assist in the tracking, improved productivity, and creative
   excellence within the Effects Department.
   - Work closely with creative leadership and production management to
   achieve artistic goals within budgetary limits and arbitrate sensitively
   between creative desires and production requirements.

Minimum Qualifications

   - Extensive visual and technical experience in and mastery of
   environmental and character effects
   - Extensive experience in Stop-Motion and/or CG effects animation
   techniques, covering a diverse range of productions, including commercials,
   music videos, television, and feature films.
   - Passion for feature animated stories.
   - Previous supervisory or leadership role with artists and technical
   people, working in conjunction with Production Management people.
   - Creative background with good artistic eye.
   - Ability to communicate accurately, tactfully, conveying competency,
   helpfulness and support.
   - Completion of degree program or working equivalent.

 For more information visit:
5 <http://apps.laika.com/jobs/detail/225>

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