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On Thu, 2007-21-06 at 11:41 -0700, Gene Dreitser wrote:
> Heya Mario,
Nothing a good bastard file can't fix.

> With motion picture cameras, as I understand it, this subject becomes even more confusing, because of custom film gates (Uli Gate anyone), anamorphic lenses, scanner offsets, etc.
> G
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> From: Mario Marengo <mario at axyzfx.com>
> Hey man. Thanks!
> So the only unclear thing there (to me) is what exactly do you mean by '6x6' 
> and '6x7' in the 120 case. You mention ratio, so do you mean 6:6 and 6:7? And 
> is that width:height or height:width? And are we talking actual distortion or 
> mere 'pixel aspect' here?
> @Adrian: Jim found a similar calculator in the Canon site here:
> http://www.canon.com/bctv/calculator/index.html
> where they make a distinction between '35mm Still' and '35mm Movie' (with 
> significantly different width/length values for each!)... just FYI, because 
> the site you pointed to uses only the values for '35mm Still', so watch out.
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