[Sidefx-houdini-list] union/IATSE

Peter Robbinson probbins at sympatico.ca
Mon Jun 18 13:37:49 EDT 2007

Starting a new thread on this topic.

I would suggest that IATSE is a good model to work from regarding the
organization of digital artists.

I worked in theater (still do on occasion) for many years, although I
wasn't an IATSE member. My son is though.

I would go further and say this union would be ideal for including
digital talent.

My main reasoning is that IATSE is already familiar with the mobile
nature of their members as well as understanding the production cycle.
They also understanding the continuous learning curve that their members
must maintain in order to stay relevant.
In many ways it is structured more like a guild, for instance it
provides the benefits to members, rather than each production company
needing to maintain some type of policy.

regards, PeterR
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