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christopher exarhos cexarhos at realimaginations.com
Wed Jun 13 10:40:45 EDT 2007

not sure how much this relates to your topic.
ive been coming across the issue of hiring people who have great work and
interview well.
but, then when it comes to actual production, they are not what they
....i guess thats why you give them a part time trial period if possible.
over the past years of jobs and learning the managing aspects, finding good
people is harder
than most realize. in alot of fields you do need to talk yourself up to get
the job.
but it will come back to bite ya in certain jobs fields if you mislead
and this field is one of them.

one aspect i acknowledge first is...
do i need someone that can produce what we need right away and knows there
stuff, or if they
seem to have great potential, you have to accept the learning curve to have
a potential great employee.

glad to see aspects of issues being posted...thanks for letting me post my
two cents...or three  :)


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> I'm wondering if anyone knows of any resources (or has any tips n'
> tricks) regarding hiring CG people.  It seems very vague, the whole
> process, whether I'm being interviewed or am doing the interview.
> Basically, "What did you work on?", "Let's see your reel," and "When can
> you start?".  There must be a more robust way of interviewing CG
> candidates, as right now it's largely based on trust and a reel, (which
> you have only done the shadow pass on the last tree on the left for).  I
> found this article, but it's for programmers:  http://tinyurl.com/yerw
> Sean

hey sean,

i don't think there's any easy way to do this.  the best method's i've found
is to ask about the shots on the reel in detail.  then in more and more
detail.  ie, did you use instancing, how?  stamping?  shaders?  chops?
vops?  ...and then go into more and more detail.  at least in this way you
can find out pretty fast how technical someone is and how deep their
knowledge is.  i guess you must already do this anyway.  the one thing that
is sooo hard to deduce is someone's artistic ability.  we often need people
who just 'know' what looks pretty.  then your in the reals of art direction,
colour theory, composition, animation and "taste".  there's some real clever
software jockies who have absolutely no visual appreciation.  i now
beginnging to ask people why they like certain jobs on their reel - or which
commericals currently screening work, and why.

good luck,

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