[Sidefx-houdini-list] Interviewing Candidates

John Coldrick jc at axyzfx.com
Tue Jun 12 11:44:34 EDT 2007

On Tuesday 12 June 2007 11:29, Peter Bowmar wrote:
> I believe if an applicant can prove that they were not hired because
> of their marital or family status, they can sue. At least, in the US
> and Canada, likely the UK too.

	Yah, there's certain questions that typically verboten, like race, marital 
status, kids, religion, any of that stuff.  It's just as much protection for 
the potential employer as anyone else - if you don't ask the question, then 
you can't be accused of using it(possibly illegally) against the applicant.

	if you're offering a job that requires long hours, then just say so up front.  
It shouldn't remotely be the judgement of the interviewer whether or not a 
spouse would have problems with it.  It's up to the applicant to convince the 
interviewer that they're willing to do whatever's necessary for the job. 



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