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zoran arizanovic zoran.arizanovic at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 09:52:37 EDT 2007

I did a lot of hiring for about 25 people/positions back in Germany on a
game project.
During this I learned as much as applicants themselves.
Some people and questionnaires focus on finding holes in applicants
knowledge instead of probing their strong points and this
I find counterproductive.

For me personally this reel approach and cv was not enough.
If it was only possible I wanted to meet the candidate in person get them to
sign NDA and then
show them team , company bits from projects and then judge their reactions
to it.
Get them to talk with all relevant leads  he might be working with alone in
person and then get feedback from them as
they are persons you know and trust already!

In beginning they were hiring average artist with good gaming background
because it was gaming company:)
so we ended up with good counter strike players and poor artists
For me one of the biggest pros was their artist ability to create good work
and not just in related fields but also in other relevant fields like
photography, drawing.....

The same I see now for vfx or movie work in general people strive to get
highly specialized applicants which are then
very codependent and inflexible in bigger network/pipeline and especially
for Houdini this I think is not so good in long term
If you say I just do vex and thats it you might overlook some good solutions
with chops or cops combined....

so to recap for me some side issues and experience can be more revealing
about an applicant than actual cv or reel
as one friend of mine quoted some Japanese head of cg dept. speaking to
newbies on the team:
"we can always teach you how to do it , but we cant fix you and your
attitude towards project /company"

hope this helps

On 6/12/07, Sean Lewkiw <seanl at rainmaker.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm wondering if anyone knows of any resources (or has any tips n'
> tricks) regarding hiring CG people.  It seems very vague, the whole
> process, whether I'm being interviewed or am doing the interview.
> Basically, "What did you work on?", "Let's see your reel," and "When can
> you start?".  There must be a more robust way of interviewing CG
> candidates, as right now it's largely based on trust and a reel, (which
> you have only done the shadow pass on the last tree on the left for).  I
> found this article, but it's for programmers:  http://tinyurl.com/yerw
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