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Larry Giunta larry at gcreativestudios.com
Fri Jun 8 12:23:57 EDT 2007

I know this discussion has been focused on
the feature/VFX community but it is undoubtedly
a topic that affect the industry as a whole. Cutting
across all of us from those individuals/shops/large studios
creating work for features, spots, broadcast or the corporate

The basic equation ( less money + less time + longer deliverables
list = tighter profits ) continues to squeeze us all.

It would certainly take a brain bigger than mine to figure
out a big picture solution. But assuming that's not coming
anytime to soon, this seems like a good opportunity ( apologies
in advance for the detour) to focus on some common issues in
our own corner of the world ( the Houdini community) that could at
least give us a bit more leverage to compete.

With budgets continuing to get lower and demands
continuing to rise, it was great to see SESI offer some relief
this year with new reduced pricing on support and software.
Plain and simply, it just helps a lot. Thanks and applause !!

Education, learning
Great strides in recent years. Books, DVDs, the exchange, the classes  
offered, etc.
We just need more, more, more to help us all maximize the every
growing power of Houdini. There has been a constant cry for
the classes to be available in some form ........ maybe that's coming
at the Houdini store??? But it would be a great next step.

One specific request- Shaders/VOPs
I'm sure this is more of a request for the generalists ....... or
generalist type shops. But ( I know this has been requested
before) it would be great to see some new, updated default
shaders starting to be included with new builds. Specifically,
it would be wonderful if these could come complete with the
VOPs network that built them. Is this completely unreasonable??

I know, when we have had the time to bang through VOPs
and create our own shaders to solve a problem it has been
fantastic. However, other times when schedules are just to tight to  
( which is more times than not) we've had to rely on other workaround
type solutions and been forced to skip over VOPs.

I'm not looking for hand holding. But just a few more building blocks
to work with would be a huge help. For those of us stuck too
far on the left side of the brain, having more VOP shader networks
handy to be able to dissect and edit would be a big plus ........... and
a very helpful learning tool for this particular part of Houdini.

Again, apologies for the detour from the larger and very important
issues discussed on this thread. It just seemed like a good opportunity
to toss out some requests and thoughts specifically Houdini related.

Larry Giunta
Creative Director
G Creative Studios
larry at gcreativestudios.com

On Jun 7, 2007, at 7:48 PM, Andrew D Lyons wrote:

> It's too glamorous, and with the increasing application of divide  
> and conquer
> tactics, there is no hope that things will improve. There's way too
> much supply.

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