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Gene Dreitser keyframe at rogers.com
Thu Jun 7 16:40:14 EDT 2007

Isn't this the ultimate question before us -- one which we will all have to answer in the upcoming years...

Are we the digital-economy's equivalent of trades-people (like plumbers, carpenters, bricklayers, etc), or are we professionals (like engineers, doctors, lawyers, etc).

Both good options, but I fear if we as an industry don't take a stand, this question will be answered for us.


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From: Lucio Flores <dogboy_l at yahoo.com>

How would a union work in the context of all the outsourcing going on?? If studios don't want to deal with unions, wouldn't they will make a harder push to take on talent from overseas? Would they really have to enforce flat salaries across the board?? If that were the case, movies like 300 and Sin City would never have been made. It leaves little room for entrepreneurship. 

Also, since our techniques are evolving rapidly, the unions and their payscales and classifications would have to evolve as well. Who will be making those decisions?? 
Unions work work well with (relattively) blue collar jobs, but I'm not certain it would work with an industry that's as dynamic as this one. 
And finally, the biggest problem is merit based promotion. Does the studio or the union control promotions? Do you have to put in 5 years to get promoted, while someone with less drive and talent makes more money just because they've been around longer?? 

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