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Luca Zappala luca at cinesite.co.uk
Thu Jun 7 10:05:16 EDT 2007

We could join a 3d union where we set the max working hours min wages 
etc. etc.,
however bear in mind that until there are freelancers willing to work 
crazy hours for little money
such a thing as a 3d union will be useless...

We should first "teach" people that it's not companies "offering" a job 
to the lucky ones, it's artists providing
a valuable service to companies

zoran arizanovic wrote:
> not a bad idea :)
> sigraph and other similar associations dont do this so we should do it
> ourselves
> z
> On 6/7/07, James Rutherford <jrutherford at stclaircollege.ca> wrote:
>> One of my former students just finished work on some stuff for the
>> Transformers movie....it was with several guys with little experience
>> running cracked Maya out of their bedrooms...little money and no
>> time....they aren't shots in the actual movie ..it's for a marketing
>> tie-in....anyways final results looks great with web broadcast and
>> elements will be used in web and tv commercials....and some of these
>> guys have already freelanced for a company that is part of Kevin Haug's
>> FXcartel setup that has done several large features mining guys from all
>> over the world, generally based on where the best tax credits are
>> available.......
>> I think this industry needs a union...brothers and sisters....:)
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