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Simon Barrick simon at primalpictures.com
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In the textport of houdini type

Echo $HOME

That will tell you where it is.
It might be in the dos short form, if you are on windows that is, if you don't know how to read the path just copy and paste it into the windows start menu "run" option, that should open a browser at the right location.

You can store otls anywhere you like though, they don't have to be in your $HOME directory.


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"Where I lay my head is $home"

You need to "install" the otl using the file menu.
Either refer the help for this topic or follow the steps I described 
here: <http://www.preset.de/2007/0323/colorcube/>

$home is also the base of your houdini installation and depends on your 
OS and setup.
On a default wíndows installation $home is usually at: documents and settings/user/

hope this helps


herman wrote:
> dear all,
> i just start visiting the houdini exchange web and would like to try 
> out some of the sop there. however, i'm not very familar with the houdini digital asset procedure... i know is a very green question, but i still need to ask, so when i download a file .otl, where should i paste it to?? i did try the .otls folder in houdini folder, but it doesn't seem to work.
> also, when say copy the folder to $home, where is $home??
> thanks in advance.
> cheers herman
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