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Georg Duemlein, Dipl.-Des. info at preset.de
Tue Jun 5 10:00:36 EDT 2007

"Where I lay my head is $home"

You need to "install" the otl using the file menu.
Either refer the help for this topic or follow the steps I described 
here: <http://www.preset.de/2007/0323/colorcube/>

$home is also the base of your houdini installation and depends on your 
OS and setup.
On a default wíndows installation $home is usually at:
documents and settings/user/

hope this helps


herman wrote:
> dear all,
> i just start visiting the houdini exchange web and would like to try out some of the sop there. however, i'm not very familar with the houdini digital asset procedure... i know is a very green question, but i still need to ask, so when i download a file .otl, where should i paste it to?? i did try the .otls folder in houdini folder, but it doesn't seem to work. 
> also, when say copy the folder to $home, where is $home??
> thanks in advance.
> cheers herman
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