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Jeff Higgins jeffrey.higgins at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 10:00:53 EDT 2007

there is an OPlibraries file in your houdini directory which you need to add
the path to the otl to it.

alternatively just open up houdini and hit File / Install Digital Asset and
point to the path.
There are options to make it permanently installed if you wish, but this
simply does what i described first.

On 6/5/07, herman <herman02 at netvigator.com> wrote:
> dear all,
> i just start visiting the houdini exchange web and would like to try out
> some of the sop there. however, i'm not very familar with the houdini
> digital asset procedure... i know is a very green question, but i still need
> to ask, so when i download a file .otl, where should i paste it to?? i did
> try the .otls folder in houdini folder, but it doesn't seem to work.
> also, when say copy the folder to $home, where is $home??
> thanks in advance.
> cheers herman
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