[Sidefx-houdini-list] Holding Bone Weights

Louis Dunlevy ld at dneg.com
Mon Jun 4 05:27:33 EDT 2007

I was going to suggest the spreadsheet but you're there already I see. A 
bit messy though. I quite like the sliders on the bones too.

For facial rigs have you had any joy with the Morph tool giving it a 
rest position? When you hit the "Save Deltas" button it will do an 
Attribute Orient style deform based on what you've done in your edit 
SOP. I'm sure you're already aware but just in case..

I really would like to see a new type of bone behaviour like the 
"relative" mode in Maya's cluster deformer. That lets you throw in tons 
of extra deformers that have no affect whatsoever until their transform 
channels have changed. I find the problem with Houdini's bones is that 
they *always* have an effect on the geometry whether you like it or not. 
I think it's a big issue for facial rigs and secondary deformers.


Mark wrote:
> We've been doing Character stuff.
> We've been using groups, but you have to watch your cache if you have 
> too many.  We've run into that problem.
> The thing is I've tried to work in some sort of procedule way, but the 
> minute you throw down a capture layer paint you've lost your 
> proceduralism.
> So to keep my work flow as procedule as possible, I:
> Group
> CaptureOveride those groups
> and then according to the look I'm trying to get CaptureOveride points 
> or Paint capture attributes.
> The problem comes in when you want to hand edit points that have been 
> smoothed or your just hand editing points with more than two bones 
> weighted to it.  Three bones is mostly ok, because you can type the 
> values into the spreed sheet and then normalize.  But, anything beyond 
> that get's tough.
> The place that we get most of our problems is doing mouth deformations 
> with bones.   It's less forgiving when weighting.
> It's actually good to hear from others who have been working closely 
> with Houdini's weighting.
> Holding Weights is the only huge problem I've encountered, and  I 
> spoke with Kalin a couple of monthes  ago  about  possibly adding this 
> to Houdini.  I'm not sure what it would take, but he seemed to 
> understand the problem.
> -Mark
> Michael Goldfarb wrote:
>> are you doing hard surface rigging or character stuff?
>> I use groups like a madman when using the captureoverride...
>> can you give me an example of...er...your example?
>> 'cause I just paint till my hand hurts...monkey with some 
>> overrides...attribute transfer subdivided sections to the same 
>> un-subdivided sections...paint some more...etc...
>> and yes attribute compositing is the bee's knees...despite it's 
>> horribe workflow and poor documentation...
>> merging geometry with differing attributes (not capture attributes) 
>> is a nightmare...attribute transfer has saved us huge amounts of 
>> time/$$$ but could use some refinement for character work...
>> Mark wrote:
>>> Hey Michael,
>>> It's definitely desirable, and without out it a bit crippling.
>>> As is, any capture override adjustments to a point averages the 
>>> weights to the other bones.
>>> This makes it impossible to get the exact weighting you want.
>>> -Mark
>>> We've really been digging into Houdini's work flow for weighting. 
>>> And just to mention one of the cooler tools, is the ability to 
>>> composite weights.
>>> Michael Goldfarb wrote:
>>>> I don't know about "almost a must in weighting in any program."
>>>> but I feel your pain with Houdini's current workflow with weights...
>>>> all I can suggest is the capture override, but I'm sure you've been 
>>>> down that road already...
>>>> Mark Wells wrote:
>>>>> Hey Group,
>>>>> We've been using houdini for Rigging our characters for the past 
>>>>> 2.5 years.
>>>>> Houdini has some amazing tools, but It seems that I keep running 
>>>>> in to the
>>>>> same problem, which seems essential in working with weights.
>>>>> I'm looking for a way to hold bone weights.
>>>>> For example:
>>>>> If you have 4 bones that you need to weight a single point to.  I 
>>>>> would
>>>>> like to lock two of the bones weightings for that point so I'm only
>>>>> transfering the remaining weights between the other two bones.
>>>>> This Is extremely helpful, almost a must in weighting in any program.
>>>>> Has anybody overcome this problem?  Is the solution in Houdini 9?  
>>>>> Is it
>>>>> possible to add this feature in upcoming releases?
>>>>> -Mark
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