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Abdul-Kareem Abo-Namous anamous at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 04:55:04 EST 2007

For some details on the clip you cited (from the Gatorade spot), see


"Particle interaction" is the interact POP. "RBD <-> particle interaction"
can go both ways (particles influencing RBDs and vice versa), there are some
nice examples in the help tab for the POP Solver, such as


As for "particle selfcollision", I'm not aware of any direct way to do that,
seeing that particles don't have a surface or volume, so apart from their
charge and scale (which are both taken into consideration in the interact
POP), no properties exist that enable a collision check.

Of course, you could instanciate geometry using the copy DOP onto particles,
run it through an RBD solver, and retrieve the original point positions back


On 2/28/07, Georg Duemlein, Dipl.-Des. <info at preset.de> wrote:
> Dear List,
> I need some clarification on this topics:
>   * particle selfcollision
>   * particle intraction
>   * rigidbody particles interaction
> A friend of mine cites Houdini as the application that offers particle
> self collision and this movie:
> http://deko.lt/tmp/Forums/fracture_DD_houdini.mov
> I already found the interactSOP, which offers great possibilities.
> But to understand things right, this *just* is an simulation of charge
> based on a radial forcefield around the particle?
> Fractured objects can't interact through particles and need to be a
> rigid body thing? I have seen the Pre/Post-ROP-Script fields, and I
> guess, here POP and DOPs cann communicate?
> Please drop me a few sop/dop/pop names to look up in the help or point
> me to a paper.
> I guess my main problem is the lack of
> houdini-speak-how-to-call-things-right.
> Thank you,
> Georg
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