[Sidefx-houdini-list] [n00n] issue particle selfcollission

Georg Duemlein, Dipl.-Des. info at preset.de
Wed Feb 28 03:27:54 EST 2007

Dear List,

I need some clarification on this topics:
  * particle selfcollision
  * particle intraction
  * rigidbody particles interaction

A friend of mine cites Houdini as the application that offers particle 
self collision and this movie: 

I already found the interactSOP, which offers great possibilities.
But to understand things right, this *just* is an simulation of charge 
based on a radial forcefield around the particle?
Fractured objects can't interact through particles and need to be a 
rigid body thing? I have seen the Pre/Post-ROP-Script fields, and I 
guess, here POP and DOPs cann communicate?

Please drop me a few sop/dop/pop names to look up in the help or point 
me to a paper.

I guess my main problem is the lack of 

Thank you,


Dipl.-Des. Georg Dümlein

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