[Sidefx-houdini-list] copy SOP stamp grid rows

Georg Duemlein, Dipl.-Des. info at preset.de
Sun Feb 25 14:29:13 EST 2007

Alvin and Edmond,

thank you for your answers, I will try both of them tomorrow.

I am looking for something like $BBX which I can stamp up to the boxes I 
copy to the grid. $SIZEX doesn't seem to work.

Here I stamp $BBX/$BBY/$BBZ onto the boxes and use it as color information.
I was thinking I could stamp $SIZEX the same way.


Alvin Yap wrote:
> Hi Georg,
> Are you looking for something like this? Are you trying to dynamically 
> size the boxes so that they will fit the grid? Please try adjusting the 
> sizex sizey rows and cols parameters.
> You've given me another thing to test after i get back from work... 
> something that has rows colums, size x and y but the boxes will conform 
> to the max of size x and y (currently the attached sop network's 
> absolute size will vary depending on the size of the rows and cols.)
> Hope I could help!
> Regards,
> Alvin
> Georg Duemlein, Dipl.-Des. wrote:
>> I copy boxes onto a grid.
>> How can I stamp the "row number" of the grid onto the boxes, so they 
>> fit? I want to calc the box size based on the grid parameters.
>> Or should I do this with by calculation and turn this into an OTL?
>> Georg
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