[Sidefx-houdini-list] GPU refresh issues (win x64)

Gregory Karydis nutman at otenet.gr
Wed Feb 21 16:38:08 EST 2007

I have just finished the guide for up to and including the GeForce 7xxx 
series graphics adapters and it is available here: 
This was put together from memory so please append where you think I may 
have missed something.

A guide for the 8xxx series will follow hopefully in less than 24 hours 
(hey, I spent 5 hours of my evening at the dentist so I am pretty tired)

If you need instructions for the 8800 GPU in the meantime, e-mail me or PM 
me and I will try to help you out if I am still awake.


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> jrutherford at stclaircollege.ca wrote:
>>Is Rivatuner legal???  I used it on my P3 Dell with a crappy geforce 2 gts
>>and it runs houdini fine but I'm still waiting for the FBI to smash down
>>my door.
> I don't see why not, its your hardware :).
> On a related note,
> For all intents and purposes, the current batch of quadro 
> 1500/3500/4500/5500 uses the exact same GPU, [Geforce 7800] just with 
> different memory/ clockspeed and video output configurations, and of 
> course the certified drivers that go with it.
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