[Sidefx-houdini-list] Maya .anim curves in Houdini

Lucio Flores dogboy_l at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 21 14:00:13 EST 2007

--- Andrew D Lyons <tstexture at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Lou,
> I implemented something like that, but when I was comparing sampled
> Maya and Houdini keyframes in CHOPS, I found minor numeric differences
> (+/-0.003 for extreme slopes). That's a big problem for camera
> rotation channels.
> I wrote the converter in python using functions from the math module.
> Python uses doubles exclusively, so I'm guessing the problem is deep
> somewhere in the keyframe functions, or the way they are evaluated.
> How accurate was the one you wrote, and how did you implement it?
> Cheers

It worked enough that we could look at the raw values, and they would be dead
on. But come to think of it, when translating bewteen different packages, we
would always sample it down to a sample per frame, just to eliminate *any*
cause for suspicion. You could get something working 99% of the time, then at
the 11th hour, some characters are sliding against a plate or other elements,
and they call you into that meeting and everyone is sweating. It just buys you
a piece of mind for yourself, and it doesn't take up much disk space. 


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