[Sidefx-houdini-list] pop surface emission using texture

Ben Schrijvers ben.schrijvers at guerrilla-games.com
Wed Feb 21 06:00:11 EST 2007

Hi Luca,

You can't directly birth particles from a map in pops.
You could subdivide your surface then store the map rgb values in the 
geometry as custom attributes.
This should also be possible with a i3d map if you build a VEX operator 
which reads the voxel values at each point possition.

Then either use a scatter (based on that attribute) and save the 
sequence to disk. Be sure to calculate velocity before the scatter so 
you can use that in pops and also use it to interpolate subframe point 
Or skip the scatter and in pops birth from attribute. I would suggest 
the first though as birthing from a bunch of points gives you quicker 
feedback in pops.

In the proto install there is also a Sop (pointmap) that takes a map as 
input and scatters points based on it's value.
But then you'll have to find a way to wrap that in 3D.

Yes driving wind with a i3d texture is possible. Again you'll have to 
get your hands dirty in VEX.
But just to get random variations this is overkill. Wind POP has it's 
own turbulance or else try the Wisp POP from Martian Labs or some other 
pops from the exchange page.
You could also hold your breath till v9 as I geuss there should be some 
kind of fluidsolver+pops interaction implimented.


Luca Zappala wrote:
> Hello all,
> I was wondering how setup a network to emit particles from a surface 
> using a texture (similarly to maya); possibly a 3D procedural texture.
> Similarly is it possible to use a 3d proc texture to drive a wind 
> force so that I get spacial variations in the force?
> Thank you for your support
> Luca
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